Tightening Financial Conditions Are Causing a Transient Growth Scare
U.S. and Global equities are fighting three battles simultaneously – slowing global growth, higher cost pressures, and rising interest rates.
Leaning on Equity Income Strategies as an Inflation and Volatility Hedge
We see both tactical and secular demand for equity income equities, particularly as a hedge against inflation and market volatility episodes.
The Evolution of Digital Asset Investing
The rise of cryptocurrency and digital assets is too big to ignore. We discuss the basics of digital assets, hurdles for adoption, and the investment implications for this emerging asset class.
Russia Invades Ukraine: What’s Next?
Our CIO, Harmen Overdijk, provides an overview of the Russia/Ukraine situation and its implications for the global economy and markets. 
Volatility Starts to Bite
In the past 2 weeks, global equity markets sold off. We take a step back and focus on whether any of this has a real impact on the underlying business cycle.
Why 2022 Could Be Another Good Year for Equity Markets
It’s 2022 and we’ve entered a new phase of the cycle, with central banks in most developed markets turning more hawkish in the past month. How much does this matter for risk assets?
Monthly View December 2021
A Christmas rally, global growth in the midst of the pandemic, long-term inflation outlook, China's economic crosswinds, equity markets, and portfolio strategies.
Home Bias and Implications for Investing
How much should I allocate away from home? The seemingly never-ending outperformance of US stocks has investors wondering if they should go with “made in America” investments for good.
Higher Volatility But No Change in Outlook
We focus on September's volatility, the likelihood of a large correction near-term, investment implications of higher yields and US-China tension, as well as opportunities in commodities.