Who We Serve
Our clients are diverse and global, so is the way we work with them.

Providing highly skilled, comprehensive financial planning that yields long-term financial success, Leo Wealth proudly serves a wide list of clients on multiple continents. From affluent investors beginning to save in earnest, to entrepreneurs and business owners making their mark, to high-net-worth investors focused on wealth preservation.  Our clients are global, but our expertise is local, enabling us to assist with local and international wealth management issues.  Beyond individual clients and families, we work with large families and family offices, who look to us to complement their expertise.

Individuals & Families

Taking a holistic approach, we assist clients with financial planning, tax strategies, investments, administration and other aspects of their total wealth. Our in-house experience stems from decades of work in these areas, but where we do not have domain expertise, we do not hesitate to reach out to our wide network for partner firms to achieve the right outcome for a client.

Global Citizens

Working and living abroad brings exception opportunities but also unique challenges. Living, earning, and investing across borders creates complex tax, legal, and regulatory concerns that require extensive expertise. Our team is here to help and works regularly with American, British, Australian and other global citizens to ensure that wealth strategies are in line with the latest global tax rules and regulations.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Running a business is not simply a financial decision, it is an emotional undertaking. Our role with business owners and entrepreneurs is simple - assist with every aspect of wealth management, tailored to your role as a business owner, so that you can focus on running your business and not worrying about your financial health.

Family Offices

There's no such thing as an average family office. Some have operating businesses and others don't. Some have expertise with private equity and deals, but not public markets or tax. We work with family offices to complement their needs - contributing public market expertise to a largely illiquid investment portfolio, or assisting in generational wealth transfer while the family focuses on investments.

Investing for Women

Traditional investment management and financial planning fails many women. Caring for aging parents, raising children or coping with death, disability or divorce - all require a custom approach. Our professional female team understands, and has lived through, many of the challenges faced by women when investing and is committed to helping women succeed in their financial plans.