iAdvisor® Intelligent Portfolios. Your Investments, Your Choices.

iAdvisor allows investors to take charge of their portfolios by selecting desired investment themes, from banking or real estate to cyber-security or driverless cars.

Convenient, informed, and affordable choices.

Investors can choose from over 28 portfolios at the click of a button and invest in the underlying securities that make up a portfolio. Portfolio access 24/27 on any device allows investors to have everything they need to monitor risk and performance.

With low minimum investment thresholds and reduced fees, experienced managers construct portfolios based on a transparent rules-based framework and regularly review and rebalance.

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How iAdvisor Works

  • Each portfolio is designed to track an investment strategy or idea. For example, if an investor is looking for dividend yield in Singapore, the investor can invest in the “SMART Real Estate Singapore” portfolio.
  • Allows real-time trade execution – at the click of a button, investors can, for example, invest in the “SMART Real Estate Singapore” basket of 13 SGX-listed REITs and property stocks that currently provide an annual dividend yield of 5%.
  • Investors invest directly in the underlying stocks of each iAdvisor® portfolio – they know exactly what securities they have invested in.
  • Portfolios are fully customizable, regularly reviewed, and rebalanced.

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