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What’s A Global Aussie Citizen Mindset?

A “Global Aussie Citizen” is a passport holder of Australia or migrating citizen with a global wealth-building mindset requiring cross-border tax planning in multiple currencies.

As a Global Aussie Citizen, you use international banking relationships to invest in global equity and fixed-income portfolios, property, and private equity opportunities.

Leo Wealth understands this mindset. Our advisors have the skill and global reach to help you pre-plan your wealth strategy, wealth accumulation, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

The Global Aussie Citizen Journey

All paths in the journey as a global citizen lead to unique destinations, as should your plans to protect your wealth. It begins upon exiting your home country and ends when your return. 

  1. Leaving Australia – Exit strategy before becoming a Global Aussie Citizen
  2. Building Offshore Wealth – Accumulate wealth whilst living outside of Australia
  3. Building Onshore Wealth – Accumulate wealth in Australia whilst away
  4. Return to OZ – Enter strategy for returning to Australia

Our Global Aussie Citizen Services

Using the in-house expertise of Leo Wealth Advisors (or carefully curated services of global third-party advisors), we provide services with the intent of low fee and tax drag across all services.

  1. Domestic Australian Superannuation Pensions
  2. Foreign Superannuation
  3. Global Bank Relationships
  4. Global Custodian Trading Platforms
  5. Multi-currency equity portfolios
  6. Global Insurance Programs
  7. Low tax jurisdiction countries to build wealth
  8. Currencies
  9. Insurance Programs
  10. Estate Planning

Investment: Custodians, Low fee drag

Strategies: Tax efficiency, Low tax drag

The Global Aussie Citizen Tax Jurisdiction Planning

Many Global Aussie Citizens travel, but they can ONLY have one place of tax residency at any one time. Many choose to travel or move residency. Leo Wealth advises before you move – so you can more efficiently plan your tax departure and arrival to your new country or return to Australia.