How We Support Entrepreneurs: Support, Planning and Guidance

July 1, 2021

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, having built Leo Wealth from years of experience in institutional financial services.  We knew we could direct our passion for client service into a better, more flexible offering for our clients.  Our business is built on this entrepreneurial passion.

We provide a comprehensive planning service for entrepreneurs at every stage of their venture, including providing very early support and planning around business set up and shareholder planning to supporting the business owners after a major liquidity event or an exit.

Our offering is unique in this regard.  There is no shortage of wealth management firms who are anxious to serve business owners in the post-exit phase when wealth is realized, and liquidity is abundant.   Very few have services that cater to budget conscious, cash strapped business owners in the early stages of their venture where liquidity may be non-existent and the future highly uncertain.

From the very beginning of their venture, we help business owners focus on components that are critical for long term success – careful budgeting and financial planning, risk management, segregation of business and personal assets, business and family estate planning, insurance and robust legal agreements.

When a liquidity event comes, we know our entrepreneurial clients and their needs extremely well and are already preparing to help them evolve into the next phase of their life, building on an existing wealth management plan and helping them continue to care for their families and the other important people in their lives.

We are also unique in our investment offering.  Unlike most banks, we have no proprietary products and accept no investment commissions.  Our services are fee based and fully disclosed in advance, eliminating the conflicts of interest present in many institutional offerings.   More importantly, this allows us to critically analyze offerings made to business owners by institutions looking to help them go public or raise capital.  We do not provide these services, meaning we can act as an independent advocate for our clients.

Please contact us to see how we can support you and your passion.