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Commodities (US Tax)

A diversified allocation to commodities, to provide an inflation benefit and to diversify from traditional stock and bond exposures.

Strategy Description

Exposure to commodities allows investors to take advantage of 4 key global trends:

  • Sustainability the move to carbon neutrality requires more copper, iron ore, silver, nickel, cobalt, aluminum, etc. This is positive for industrial metals and provides a long-term tailwind
  • Infrastructure the US needs to upgrade infrastructure and China has not developed many parts of the interior. Commodities are required for both countries’ growth / infrastructure plans.
  • Supply producers have carefully managed capex to improve bottom lines and ESG scores, as well as to prepare for a fossil-free world. This limited supply cannot be resolved overnight.
  • Inflation & USD weakness since commodities are finite and priced in USD, their inclusion in portfolios can improve returns in a world of monetary supply expansion and potential inflation.

This strategy invests across the commodity spectrum – precious and industrial metals, agriculture commodities and energy markets. Can be run with or without cryptocurrency exposure, which adds another dimension of diversification and exposure to a potential new asset class.

Daily transparency and liquidity; implementation is via low-cost ETFs to minimize costs

For international investors, available in a non-US version. Please visit our international site for details.

Allocation Breakdown

Asset Class

Fixed Income0


North America72.16%
Greater Europe12.28%
Developed Asia0
Emerging Asia0
Central/Latin America0


Industrial Metals20.01%
Broad Commodities32.24%

Top Holdings

Asset ClassWeight (%)
1. Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF32.24%
2. abrdn Bloomberg Industrial Metals Strategy K-1 Free ETF20.01%
3. SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust16.33%
4. abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETF12.87%
5. GraniteShares Platinum Trust7.29%
6. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust BTC5.85%
7. Grayscale Ethereum Trust4.87%