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UK citizens living internationally have specific concerns. Our team provides a clear way forward on pensions, UK departure or pre-arrival planning as well as investment and inheritance tax considerations. 

Pension Planning

With the ongoing changes to both domestic and international pensions, our team is well placed to help you understand the options available with new and existing pension planning arrangements.

Considering the advantages of maintaining existing retirement benefits or transferring over to a Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) can have a significant impact on an individual’s retirement strategy whether you are planning to retire overseas or returning to the UK.

Leaving the UK or Pre-Arrival Planning

If you are a returning UK resident after a period working oversees, or if you are an international family looking to establish a home in the UK, planning at least one tax year in advance is crucial to avoiding some of the pitfalls within the UK tax system.

Evaluating the blend of how your onshore and offshore capital is held as well as understanding the tax implications of any physical property owned are key considerations that should be addressed prior to a move.

Making sure that any existing financial planning arrangements such as life and critical illness protection will still be valid, and relevant to your new financial situation, when moving countries is important to understand to ensure a smooth transition.

Tax and Structuring

Ensuring that your assets are structured in a tax efficient way with regards to your current situation, as well as your future plans, is key to optimising net returns on capital. We can also assist in ensuring that the tax obligations and reporting requirements are met at the correct time in the relevant jurisdictions.

We can invest across a broad array of currencies helping you to preserve and grow capital as you move around the world, aligning an investment portfolio to your future liabilities.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We are highly experienced with advising clients who have assets held across multiple jurisdictions to create a coherent estate plan, minimizing inheritance tax where possible.

Working independently, we are able to access a wide array of tools including trusts, onshore and offshore companies as well insurance solutions to create a tailored plan to a family’s needs.

In advising on how to effectively transition wealth down to future generations, we often work with other practitioners and advisors to deliver a coordinated solution.