LeoGroup, The Capital Company and BFT Financial Group Complete Merger to Form $4.3 Billlion Global Wealth Advisor

August 14, 2021


Leo Wealth will deliver global, integrated investment and tax planning solutions
Company positioned for geographic and international expansion

Hong Kong – Three leading independent wealth advisory firms, The Capital Company, LeoGroup and BFT Financial Group, today announced the completion of a merger to serve the rapidly evolving needs of the global wealth sector. The newly merged company, Leo Wealth, provides seamless international wealth solutions which integrate portfolio and asset management with international tax and estate planning.

Leo Wealth unites three dynamic and influential players from Hong Kong, New York and Dallas Fort Worth who together serve some of the world’s most discerning global citizens, providing expert, personal advice on their wealth portfolios. The rising number of high-net-worth individuals in Asia-Pacific and North America, which combined account for two-thirds of the world’s high-net-worth population, is fueling the trend for more personalized and all-inclusive wealth and tax capabilities, with demand currently unmet by the existing industry. This merger seeks to capitalize on this trend by providing unique and comprehensive solutions in both investment and tax and estate planning.

The merged entity oversees and manages US$4.3 billion of assets and operates with offices in Hong Kong, New York, New Jersey and Texas. This geographic coverage allows it to serve clients in major investment markets from Asia-Pacific to North America and beyond with comprehensive global investment strategies and the ability to capture thematic investment opportunities. Leo Wealth is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong and by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

Jessica Cutrera, President, Leo Wealth, Hong Kong

“The pandemic and other geopolitical risks have created new challenges for global citizens looking for wealth creation and protection across international borders. The increasingly global flow of wealth and the complex investment and legal landscape have generated new demand and give rise to a new generation of global citizens and internationally-minded investors. At Leo Wealth, we understand their aspirations and can help clients capture these opportunities via personalized advice, international coverage, and a broader range of solutions – beyond what traditional private banks could offer.”

Matthew Allain, Chief Executive Officer, Leo Wealth, New York 

“Our expanded geographic and international coverage are a perfect match for clients migrating across the US and for international clients, including overseas US and global citizens. Being licensed in the US and Hong Kong is our advantage. We offer our expertise and personalized service to clients across multiple jurisdictions, leveraging technology to actively bridge the gap where traditional services end and the digital experience begins.”

Harmen Overdijk, Chief Investment Officer, Leo Wealth, Hong Kong

“With this merger, we are unlocking the value that The Capital Company has developed over the past five years in Hong Kong and combining it with a deep bench of experts and professionals from two more world-class wealth management firms – Leo Capital and BFT Financial. Our combined entity brings international wealth solutions which integrate portfolio and asset management with international tax and estate planning all under one roof. This is unusual and has been developed with the goal of supporting our existing clients and new prospects in planning for their future.”

Stephen Tally, Chief Operating Officer, Leo Wealth, Dallas Fort Worth

“We have dedicated our entire career to our client’s financial well-being, advancing our knowledge, working to understand a lifetime of needs and issues, sourcing the best products and technology, and constantly reshaping our offering to meet new challenges. By merging BFT Financial Group, The Capital Company and LeoGroup, we take this principle to the next level by adding highly skilled people from unique teams around the world. Now, we can quite literally help and advise our clients wherever life may take them geographically and however vast their wealth may become.”

The new leadership team at Leo Wealth will include:

  • Matthew Allain, Chief Executive Officer, Leo Wealth
  • Jessica Cutrera, President, Leo Wealth
  • Harmen Overdijk, Chief Investment Officer, Leo Wealth
  • Eric Katz, Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Wealth
  • Stephen Tally, Chief Operating Officer, Leo Wealth
  • Jon Rustin, Chief Financial Officer, Leo Wealth

About Leo Wealth

Leo Wealth is a leading independent global wealth advisor, formed by the merger of three powerhouse firms: The Capital Company, LeoGroup and BFT Financial Group.

With offices in Hong Kong, New York, New Jersey and Dallas, our wealth professionals provide comprehensive expertise and personal guidance to support both private clients and companies. We support global citizens through their journey to achieve wealth creation and protection across borders. Our bespoke offerings include holistic wealth management, global tax planning, cross border estate planning, alternative investments and global portfolio strategies.

We are 100% independent, owned and operated by a diverse group of equity partners who came together over shared values of providing trusted advice, international expertise, and personal commitment to do better for clients. We believe our independence is one of our strongest assets, and our people are what make us special. Every day we commit our energy, expertise, and initiative to the preservation of wealth, the growth of capital and the creation of value. We work together on a foundation of trust, transparency, and accountability.