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We design and cultivate a wealth management plan tailored exclusively to meet your goals.

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As stewards of your wealth, it is our responsibility to design and cultivate a wealth management plan tailored exclusively for you. Your dedicated team at Leo Wealth, consisting of highly experienced wealth management, investment and administration professionals, will strive to see that your goals are met.

Financial Planning & Tax Service

Our financial planning and tax services are provided to individuals and families that earn relatively high household income and/or possess relatively significant assets. The typical clients of this service are often referred to as “mass affluent”, a term that denotes the relative wealth of the clients as compared to other households. The services provided are broad in scope, yet customized to a level commensurate to client resources, needs, and complexity. The Financial Planning & Tax Services may include investment planning, income-tax preparation & planning, risk management, estate planning, and cash-flow analysis.

Comprehensive Service

The Comprehensive Service is designed to provide a high level of financial counseling services for those clients with more sophisticated planning needs. Our advisors work very closely with Comprehensive clients to provide a coordinated, detailed, highly effective advisory solution to meet the unique needs of discerning high net-worth clients. The Comprehensive Service may include extensive investment planning & portfolio services, sophisticated estate planning, tax strategies & tax preparation, risk management, cash-flow planning, international advisory, and integrated benefits & compensation services.

Comprehensive Plus Service

The Comprehensive Plus Service provides an even more bespoke level of service than our Comprehensive Service by providing additional services or levels of service above & beyond comprehensive services. In addition to all of the core services, the Comprehensive Plus client may utilize our concierge services, private advisory services, oversight & due diligence, or other corporate services.

Family Office & CFO Services

Our multifamily office provides family office services as well as pre-family office planning for individuals of extraordinary wealth that will ultimately need a dedicated family office. For those ultra-affluent clients that do not want or need their own dedicated family office, the LEO Multifamily Office structure is a compelling solution. Our multifamily office services make all of our services and capabilities available while sharing the costs of expertise, infrastructure and experience among several families. It also provides the opportunity for people with similar wealth and priorities to interact with one another. 

Concierge Services

Leo Wealth provides several services that bring leverage to the client experience. We focus on making sure that each client is able to utilize the services and connections from within Leo Wealth and through our extensive network of dedicated client service providers. It compliments and ties in with the alignment of interest and disintermediation that Leo Wealth works to provide as a solution for each client.

  • Consolidated Reporting: utilizing platforms to provide cutting edge reporting for their clients to make sure that the full and comprehensive reports on the entirety of their wealth picture. 
  • Bill Paying Services: providing customized solutions to make sure that the management of client bill paying is not a burden on our clients and allows them to focus on the things that matter most to them.
  • Administrative Support: whether it be access to exclusive events or a need for securing private information and property, Leo Wealth has direct solutions that are high quality, cost effective and efficient for each client need.