Family Offices

Complementing the work of family offices worldwide.

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There’s no such thing as an average family office. Some have operating businesses and others don’t. Some have expertise with private equity and deals, but not public markets or tax. We work with family offices to complement their needs – contributing public market expertise to a largely illiquid investment portfolio, or assisting in generational wealth transfer while the family focuses on investments.

Public Market Investments

Many family offices are focused primarily on private markets or direct deal pipeline development and investment. However, over time family needs evolve and liquidity needs change, requiring the build-out of a public market capability. Our investment team works with family offices to complement their work for clients – adding global equities to a largely regional portfolio, or adding Asian exposure to a primarily European allocation.

Tax Strategies

Some family offices are set up as investment only vehicles, requiring a separate effort around estate and tax planning. Rather than distracting from the investment process, our tax and estate planning teams partner with the family office to deliver non-investment services to the families involved. This is especially useful for those families that are undergoing generational wealth transfers, or where cross-border complications – such as children studying in other countries, outdated international trusts or no planning to begin with – start to have a non-investment impact on returns.

Concierge Services

Advising large and complex family relationships goes beyond investments and tax and estate planning. As wealth grows, so do logistics challenges around consolidated reporting, bill paying and administrative support needs. Our team already performs these services for our clients and we stand ready to support family offices that want to remain “lean and mean” while offering a complete set of services to their families.