Americans Abroad

Americans living internationally have specific concerns. Our team can provide a clear way forward.

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We have been providing comprehensive financial planning, asset management, and investment strategies to Americans and US taxpayers living across the globe for over 15 years.

Our senior team has been based in Asia serving Americans abroad since 2003.

Asset Management for Americans Abroad

We have been providing comprehensive financial planning and asset management strtegies to Americans living across the globe.

We have long-term relationships with most of the major US custodians who will accept our overseas clients. While offshore strategies tend to be complex for US taxpayers, we offer a variety of Asian and European custodians for the clients where holding assets outside the US is the best approach.

US Estate Planning

Our in-house team includes Trust and Estate Practitioners, Will Writers, and our network of attorneys and tax professionals – a team that spans across the globe. For complex cases we often serve as the project director, coordinating advice from multiple sources and ensuring execution takes place effectively. We advise on a variety of estate planning issues.

US Retirement Planning

Our approach to planning starts with determining the outcomes desired by the client and his or her family. For internationally-based citizens, these plans are often unique and complex, and may include spending all or part of retirement outside the US.

Based on those goals, we can advise on the ideal retirement plan for the client. We also work with clients to build a custom financial model that allows for flexibility in location, currency, and tax framework throughout their retirement.

US Tax Planning

We specialize in helping Americans living abroad with managing a variety of complex cross border tax issues. As cross border tax and financial planning advisers, we understand the differences and interaction between the US tax system and a variety of other jurisdictions. We work directly with the appropriate tax professionals to coordinate the necessary planning and filing.

US Insurance Planning

We assist clients with obtaining US life insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, and insurance trusts. We work with clients to enlighten them on the array of onshore and offshore insurance strategies and help them to integrate these into their overall tax and estate planning.