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From specific event advisory services to full-horizon wealth management, our goal is to provide trusted assistance where and when it’s needed most.

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Our broad-based financial expertise encompasses all facets of a client’s wealth picture – Tax & Estate, Investments, Cross-Border complexities, Insurance, and Wealth Management. We strive to deliver all the advantages that come with an independent advisory firm, with aligned interests and attention to detail – a true fiduciary.

Prudent wealth management and financial planning take into account growing and safeguarding your wealth over time, borders, and generations. Our independence from financial product conglomerates means that we sit on your side of the negotiating table, and our interests align with yours – we do better only when you do better. With global research, peer-reviewed evidence, and experience as guides, we make sense of complex issues to create and execute a clear plan for your wealth.

Wealth Management

As stewards of your wealth, we are responsible for designing and cultivating a wealth management plan that meets your current objectives and adapts to the changes that inevitably arise over time. Your dedicated asset management team provides time-tested methodologies to a customized investment solution that reflects your individual values, residency, and broad estate planning goals.

Wealth management done right takes everything into account – all of the account structures, legal protections, investment plans, and insurance working in sync to provide you with the best path forward in the decades to come.

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U.S. Tax Planning & Preparation

Our in-house tax team brings extensive industry experience to a constantly evolving tax picture across the globe. We rely on a thorough and pragmatic approach to solve complex tax issues. With such broad capabilities, we can seamlessly service individual and corporate clients globally and deal with local tax authorities directly on multiple continents.

Your estate plan shouldn’t be standardized, but individualized – based on your unique goals and circumstances. Estate planning rises in complexity when dealing with expat clients, executives working abroad, and dual-citizen family structures. We don’t blink at even the most intricate situations you, your family, or your business may bring to the estate planning equation. We can work with your existing financial team on specific estate planning issues or provide you with a top-down, comprehensive estate planning solution to protect and pass on your legacy.

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Our transparent and systematic approach to investing allows us to build custom portfolios tailored to each client’s needs and long-term investment objectives. Our research-driven process strives for consistent results that investors can understand and stick with – even during challenging market environments.

It’s also important that your investment portfolio reflects both your values and your risk tolerance, while serving the broader good of growing and preserving your wealth. Our investment managers work side-by-side with financial and estate planners to always keep your goals, values, and intermediate needs synchronized.

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Our cross-border services were created with the particular needs of Global Citizens in mind. We know how working abroad, living abroad, and starting families abroad bring unique tax, investing, and estate planning complexities.

We help fellow Global Citizens – individuals, families, and companies – solve these challenges, allowing them to focus on the opportunities of being abroad rather than stress about the challenges. From transitional tax situations to long-term expatriate planning, we have you backed by a team that spans the globe and can work directly with local tax authorities and managers with whom you already have relationships.

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We offer a series of financial tools, strategies, and advisory to protect you and your family in times of transition, and across generations. Our comprehensive expertise and global footprint provided a one-stop insurance planning solution that is unique to you and integrates with your existing financial, wealth, and estate plans allowing us to facilitate holistic planning for your family and your legacy thoroughly.

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