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Position: President

Phone: +852 3468 8880

Email: jessica.cutrera@leowealth.com

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Jessica Cutrera, TEP


Jessica Cutrera is the President of Leo Wealth, an independent global wealth advisor with offices across Asia and the United States. She is based in Hong Kong and provides comprehensive wealth management, family office support, and cross-border planning services. Jessica has expertise in several areas, including tax, financial, and estate planning, and specializes in serving Americans living in Asia.

Prior to Leo Wealth, Jessica was a Founding Partner, Responsible Officer, and Compliance Officer at The Capital Company, an independent asset management firm she formed with Leo Wealth’s CIO at the beginning of 2017. Before this, she co-founded EXS Capital Asia Limited in 2008, creating and running the firm’s cross-border wealth management practice.

Jessica serves as the Vice Chair of the Family Office Association of Hong Kong and does pro bono work supporting women through death and divorce and migrant workers in Hong Kong. Her acceptance into the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) cross-border recognizes her trust and estate planning expertise.