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Because our clients are diverse and global, so is the way we work with them.

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Leo Wealth proudly serves an expansive list of clients on multiple continents, and this geographic diversity is a core strength for us. We provide high-touch, comprehensive financial planning that yields long-term wealth management success, while optimizing near-term events and transitions to reduce tax frictions and hassles for you, your family, and your business. 

We rely on our global team to help high-income earners looking to invest in earnest, entrepreneurs and business owners, and traditional high-net worth investors focused on wealth preservation and income maximization.

Expats and cross-border executives – and their families – require both local and international advisory and tax services, and we seamlessly work both objectives – either as your core wealth manager or as part of a broader team. We also work with large families and family office structures, who often seek us out to complement their core competencies with our international planning expertise.

Individuals & Families

Whether your planning and investment needs are just for yourself or for an expansive family, we take a holistic approach to achieving your best outcomes. Our scope of services includes intermediate and long-term financial planning, tax strategies and optimization, investment management, and estate planning. 

We bring the full weight of our decades of experience to bear for every situation, and when we do not have domain expertise we don’t hesitate to tap into our network of partner firms to bring the best solution forward for our clients. 

Global Citizens

Working and living abroad brings exceptional opportunities but also unique challenges. Living, earning, and investing across borders creates complex tax, legal, and regulatory concerns that require extensive expertise.

Your wealth management plan should be tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Our Global Citizens practice brings in expertise from multiple continents – so whether you work abroad, are on current placement, reside there, run businesses there or currently hold assets across borders, we have the breadth of expertise to maximize your cash flows and financial flexibility while minimizing taxes and fees.

Leo Wealth works with North American, European, Australian, and Asian “global citizens” to ensure that their wealth management and strategies are optimized according to the latest global tax rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are always in flux, so having a deep bench of thoughtful advisors with actionable insight and unique foresight can make all the difference when managing assets and residence across international borders. 

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Running a business is not simply a financial decision, it is an emotional undertaking. Our role with business owners and entrepreneurs is simple – assist with every aspect of wealth management and cultivate your role as a business owner so that you can focus on running your business without worrying about your financial health.

The more intricate your financial picture becomes as a business owner – especially if you expand internationally – the more our value becomes clear as a comprehensive advisory for all your planning, tax, and investment needs. 

Family Offices

There’s no such thing as a “typical” family office. Some have operating businesses and others don’t. Some have expertise with private equity and alternative asset classes, but not public markets or global tax architecture. We work with family offices of all stripes to complement their needs – contributing public market expertise to a largely illiquid investment portfolio, or assisting in generational wealth transfer while the family focuses on investments.

Creating and passing on generational wealth requires a strong team of fiduciaries backing you up while looking out to the horizon for both opportunities and avoidable pitfalls. Leo Wealth thrives on the most complex situations, as our holistic philosophy keeps our eyes on the bigger picture goals for our high-net worth clients.

Investing for Women

Traditional investment management and financial planning fails many women. Caring for aging parents, raising children, dealing with career gaps, or coping with death, disability or divorce – all require a customized and thoughtful approach. 

Our professional female team understands, and has lived through, many of the challenges faced by women when investing and is committed to helping women succeed in their financial plans. It is with great pride that we provide international wealth management by women, for women.