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Providing comprehensive risk management strategies to protect you and your family in times of change.

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Providing comprehensive risk management strategies that allow our clients to feel secure about their money, their future and their legacy is our highest priority. We accomplish this by educating to empower informed decisions. We then act as a guide through the process of policy selection, underwriting and policy placement. After coverage is in force we continue to service and monitor policies and planning strategies to ensure policy parameters continue to meet all established planning objectives. Below are some of the areas we focus on as part of our insurance work.


Offering a series of financial tools and strategies to protect you and your family in times of change. Our comprehensive, cross border expertise provides a complete one-stop insurance planning solution and allows us to facilitate thoughtful planning for your family and your legacy.

Comprehensive Insurance Planning Solutions

Family protection, wealth preservation and tax efficient wealth transfer strategies need to be customized and expertly managed over time. Our expertise in the design, placement and management of insurance strategies for high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth and international clients allows us to successfully navigate these challenging issues and provide personalized solutions.

Life Insurance Advisory Services

  • Intergenerational wealth transfer & estate planning strategies
  • US based life insurance solutions for foreign nationals and foreign residents
  • Privately financed life insurance
  • Executive retention tools and deferred compensation strategies
  • Business succession, buy-out and buy-sell funding
  • Income indemnification and debt mitigation strategies
  • Tax efficient charitable giving strategies

Disability Insurance Advisory Services

  • High limit individual income protection
  • Disability buy-out
  • Key person disability protection
  • Business overhead expense protection
  • Disability buy-sell funding

Long Term Care Advisory Services

  • Traditional stand-alone long-term care
  • Linked-Benefit / Hybrid LTC
  • Life insurance with integrated long-term care or chronic illness benefits