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Our Cross-Border services were developed to provide a tailored program that helps individuals and companies manage the issues associated with living, working, and traveling among foreign countries. Our team is here to help and works regularly with American, British, Australian and other global citizens to ensure that their wealth strategies are in line with the latest global tax rules and regulations.

International Assignments

Multi-national companies have long valued the assignment of key executives to foreign countries to ensure execution of the company’s international growth initiatives. However, a benefit lacking among global executives has been an advisory service that recognizes the organizational and planning challenges that an individual executive faces before, during and after an international assignment. Leo Wealth’s corporate-sponsored international expatriate service was designed to meet the needs of executives of a mobile workforce. We partner with multi-national companies to provide assistance to corporate executives worldwide.

Cross-Border Tax Planning

Providing tax planning & assistance to individuals that have tax filing responsibilities within and between countries requires a coordinated approach. Our tax professionals prepare hundreds of U.S. tax returns each year and we work closely with global tax service providers to meet tax filing obligations outside the U.S. Our tax planning services include:

  • Comprehensive tax planning between an individual’s home & host countries.
  • Foreign tax credit maximization strategies.
  • Tax equalization & hypothetical tax review and guidance.
  • Pre- and post-departure tax counseling.
  • Helping companies avoid double or excess taxation on behalf of executives.

International Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important and complicated matter when you live, work, or own property in multiple countries. Our international estate planning services include:

  • Assistance with estate planning considerations in home and host countries.
  • Coordination with in-country professionals and/or translation services.
  • Embassy coordination for required sovereign authentication such as notaries.

Country-specific Benefit Planning

Our services have been designed to understand employee benefits and entitlements from a global perspective. These services include:

  • Thorough understanding of executive benefits from one country to another.
  • Country-specific pension/social security analysis.
  • Short and long-term planning of executive benefits to maximize value.
  • Insurance planning (life, health, disability, property & casualty, etc.).
  • Stock option & restricted stock planning while on assignment.
  • Coordination of executive benefits with an individual’s personal finances.

Country & Tax Aware Investments

Unique considerations arise when planning and investing for an individual with exposure to various countries. We tailor our investment and planning approach to take into account the following issues:

  • Taxes are driven by investment destination, investment vehicle, investor domicile and investor tax status.
  • Tax advantaged investing in one country may be tax prohibitive in another.
  • Not all investments are available in every country.
  • Intelligent design and domicile of portfolios can improve outcomes for cross-border investors