What We Do
From a specific project to a holistic wealth offering, our goal is to provide help where it's needed most.

Leo Wealth's expertise encompasses every facet of our clients’ wealth, and our comprehensive services include Wealth Management, Tax & Estate, Investments, Cross Border and Insurance. As global wealth advisers, we strive to deliver all the advantages of a large, independent advisory firm, without compromising on personal service and attention to detail.

Our global team has extensive experience safeguarding and growing client wealth across time, borders and generations. As independent advisers and managers, we sit on your side of the negotiating table, and our interests are aligned only with yours. With research, evidence and experience as our guides, we make sense of complex issues to create and execute on a clear plan for your wealth.

Wealth Management

As stewards of your wealth, it is our responsibility to design and cultivate a wealth management plan tailored exclusively for you. Your dedicated team, consisting of highly experienced wealth management, investment and administration professionals, will ensure that your goals are met.

Tax & Estate

Our in-house tax team brings extensive industry experience, relying on a thorough and pragmatic approach to solving our client’s most complex tax issues. Our tax capabilities are broad, and we service both individual and corporate clients globally.


Our transparent and systematic approach to investing allows us to build custom portfolios tailored to each client's needs. In following a systematic and research-driven process, we strive for consistent results that investors can understand, and stick with, even during challenging market environments. 

Cross Border

Living, working, and investing across borders creates complex tax, legal, and regulatory concerns that require extensive expertise. Our cross border services were developed to help individuals and companies solve these challenges, allowing them to focus on the opportunities of being abroad, rather than stress about the challenges.


Offering a series of financial tools and strategies to protect you and your family in times of change. Our comprehensive, cross border expertise provides a complete one-stop insurance planning solution and allows us to facilitate thoughtful planning for your family and your legacy.